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national captioning institute "live, and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> there it does, there was pandemonium in the streets of baltimore. the ravens are taking the lombardi trophy -- back to term city after that 34-31 win over
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san francisco. the atmosphere in baltimore is still electric. >> fans are flocking to get their hands on souvenirs. >> the baltimore ravens became super bowl champions for a second time about 13 hours ago and fans in raven countries are wasting no time. this is dicks sporting goods in columbia, maryland. they decided to open their doors at 6:00 in the morning and there were people waiting to get in. this is some of the stuff they are selling. it was not an easy victory but it was a big victory in new orleans. these are the popular t-shirts. how'd you get the shirts on the shelves so soon? >> mcvey cent of -- they sent them to was tuesday of zero
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championship week. >> you guys decided to open your doors extra early today. how does he have been this morning? how you keep the shelves and tables stocked? this place is crazy with fans. >> we actually opened in an open air fashion and we keep the shelves stocked and get more merchandise delivered almost every hour. we had deliveries at 1:00 last night and we were getting more merchandise, different merchandise, tuesday, wednesday this week. >> thousands and thousands of fans converged on the streets in baltimore. it was a massive party. city police call that a controlled chaos. they have a couple of issues with some cars being damaged downtown and looting at a 7-
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eleven but the most part, it was very peaceful, a lot of fans just chanting and dancing and having a good time. after 17 years in the league, the ravens are now champions twice. >> coming up later we will look dead beyonce's have time performance. >> it is a bit of a cloudy day across the region as we deal with more chilly air and potential snow. jacqui jeras has a look at the first forecast. >> hopefully, this will hold off until after the evening commute. 34 degrees right now but check out the wind chill, it feels like 27 degrees. it is a cold start to the day. the clipper system here has already dumped two inches of snow in chicago and will move
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into our area late this evening and into the overnight. it is a quick end week system. it is enough to cause airport delays. for today, expect mostly cloudy skies, 35 degrees and light snow possible west of the matra by 6:00 and we should all sees no by 11:00. it should be out of here by the time you go to work tomorrow and we'll tell you when the next clipper system arrives coming up soon. >> thanks so much police are searching for a suspect after they say the same woman robbed two banks in northwest washington. there were called to the pnc bank at 9:15 and then the bank of america on connecticut avenue was rob less than 20 minutes later. brianne carter has more. >> we are here in this busy
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section of connecticut ave. police are still on the scene of one of two of those bank robberies. behind me, you can see the bank is now closed for the day as investigators try to determine exactly what happened. we know that two bags not far from one another were both rob minutes apart from one another. the first one happened in the 4200 block of wisconsin avenue and police were on the scene for several hours and that bank is also closed while investigators look into what happened there. about 15-20 minutes later, a robbery here in the 3400 block at the bank of america along connecticut ave. authorities said a suspect description in both is the same. they are on the lookout for an hispanic woman who is said to the black, curly hair, wearing a dark colored jacket and a bandage on her face. there are different reports in
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terms of how this happened at each bank. they are asking anyone who may have been in the area earlier this morning to please give police a call. >> thanks so much firefighters are battling a four-alarm fire. the fire broke out after 8:00 at a business that houses a liquor store and several apartments. 30 minutes later, it was worse and flames were seen coming out of the first floor. we will bring more information as soon as we get it. >> d.c. police are investigating the stabbing of a montgomery county teenager. the teen was transported to providence hospital by family members and then taken to another hospital in an ambulance. this happened at 10:00 last night at suitland parkway and stanton road in northeast.
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he is expected to be okay. >> we are following a developing story out of southern california where several people are dead after a bus slid down a narrow mountain road. the california highway patrol says at least eight people and as many as 10 people are dead. the bus was going to tijuana mexico when it left last night. investigators say it looks like the brakes failed and the driver apparently lost control, hit a car, flipped over, and hit a pickup truck. >> newly installed secretary of state john kerry is enjoying his first full day on the job. this morning, thousands of state department employees welcomed their new boss. in a speech to his staff, he joked about whether or not he is qualified for the job. >> here is the big question before the country and the world
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after the last eight years -- ken a man actually run the state department? i don't know as the saying goes, i have big heels to fill. >> is replacing hillary clinton who officially stepped down last week and before that condoleezza rice held the post. he called world leaders over the weekend backup president obama had to minnesota today to talk about his plan for gun-control legislation he won. still win grassroots support for his the gun proposals. people of mixed opinions on how affect of this public poll will be. >> in need to motivate people to combat what will be a very effective interest group effort in opposition to his goals. >> president obama is not done a good job building relationships
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with congress. he needs to do that before he starts putting external pressure on them. >> tomorrow, a bipartisan group of house members will introduce a bill to make a federal crime to deal and firearms trafficking. >> police are investigating it after one of the military's most accomplished snipers was shot dawn -- shot dead a gun rains this weekend. >> the 25-year-old former marine is charged with two counts of murder in the saturday shooting death of legendary military sniper chris kyle. police are still working to determine a motive. he was one of the most skilled and deadly snipers in military history. he once showed a target more than 1 mile away. he was a highly decorated navy seal, seven medals a bravery. >> he was very humble to the time he got out. he did not really want to publicize the number of kills. >> he also the difficulties
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service members face when they came home. >> you don't have an identity. >> dedicated himself to helping returning vets who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. >> he had a difficult time transitioning from military life to civilian life himself and i think that was a big reason why he cared so much about helping other veterans canno. >> we have an idea that he was at the range for some type of therapy. >> 70,000 service members have been diagnosed with ptsd. >> was constantly feeling anxious, i was nervous all the time i constantly felt like something bad was going to happen. >> it is too soon to know if ptsd was a factor in these murders but military officers said it is a problem they need to know more about. >> the guantanamo bay prison
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are accused of orchestrating the attack on the uss cole faces a pretrial hearing. the four-day hearing begins today. video of the proceeding in cuba will be sent to a viewing room at fort meade. the call was attacked by a suicide bomber when it was refueling in yemen. 17 crew members were dead in 33 countries -- others injured. >> the team shot by taliban military is making a strong recovery and speaking out -- about the ideal. -- about the ordeal. she had reconstructive surgery in england this weekend and doctors say say she is making great progress. >> i am alive. i can see you. i could see everyone. today, i am getting better day
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by day. >> she used this ordeal to set up an education fund for young girls. doctors say she is expected to fully recover. she is wise beyond her years. >> absolutely. >> coming up at noon, it does not look like much now but this skull was one of the most powerful men in england. we will tell you who belongs to and a very odd place where it was found. >> in an effort to rebuild after hurricane sandy one key player is suggesting to people not to rebuild. why new york is looking to reclaim. >> death of an american woman traveling abroad in turkey. >> here is a live look outside where we are getting ready potential for more snow. jacqui jeras will tell
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon with scott thuman and cynne simpson. this is abc 7 news at noon. on your side. >> officials in turkey have finished an autopsy on an american tourist who went missing in istanbul and later was found dead. authorities have identified the woman as a 33-year-old from staten island, new york. she died from a fierce blows to the head. she was on a photography trip and investigators are convinced she was not involved in drugs or smuggling. her murder is not clear at this point. dna samples have been submitted to a crime lab for testing.
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>> funeral services were held today for the former new york city mayor, ed koch who died friday of congestive heart failure at the age of 88. speakers at his funeral included former president clinton and new york city mayor met michael bloomberg. he was mayor of new york from 1978-1989 and was credited with helping the city climb out of its financial crisis. he will have a subway station named after him at 77th street and lexington avenue. and the aftermath of hurricane center, new york governor andrew cuomo is looking to make sure some homes are not rebuilt 3 the governor is prepared to spend up to $400 million to demolish homes that were destroyed by that super storm and preserve the land as un developed coastline which would strengthen the coastline against future storms. that move would have to be approved by the government. >> it is still called out their.
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>> if you don't like the cold, it will get better from here on in. in the meantime, it is a chilly start. we have a lot of cloud cover in the area. let's show you our big weather feature. we have a clipper system, yet another one, there has been eight in the last 12 days. our weather patterns is still the same with the best trough in the jet stream which will be out of here by the middle to end of the week. it was a beautiful star this morning before the clouds rolled in. this is a time lapse from laurel, maryland. the sun came up and it did not take long before the clouds moved in. 26 degrees was the temperature this morning at reagan national and 24 at dulles. the wind chill index was down to the teens and right now we are up to 34 with the wind chill
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making it feel like 27. the temperature in gaithersburg is 30 degrees but the wind chill factor is 23 in quantico. 45 and 29 are the averages so we are below that average and that is where we will round out today. there was a trace of snow yesterday and that will bring our snow fall season to only 1.5 inches which is more than 7.5 inches down for the season. this has been a dry winter in terms of snow. the temperatures are in the 20's and 30's across the region, not getting a lot of heat this afternoon. the timing of our round of snowfall we think will come late this evening and hopefully just shy of the evening commute. areas north and west of dc could
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get it by 6:00 or so. high pressure by early tomorrow morning before our next clipper comes through tomorrow night and another dusting of snow and that's about it. not much accumulation. for today, cloudy skies and light snow developing a later and a tie between 34-38 degrees and snow showers tonight, about zero 0.5 inches. 26-32 degrees. our second clipper comes in tuesday night into wednesday morning and then we will come under the influence of high pressure so we will have less back and forth but still a chance of rain on friday. we will be pushing 50 degrees by the weekend. >> wow. >> i like the sound of that. coming up next, we dig into the halftime performance of beyonce at the super bowl with some
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people are calling one of the most memorable in history. >> it was pretty amazing. this skull once belonged to one of the most
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>> the power may have gone out of the super bowl but beyonce led off the stage during the super bowl halftime show. her performance has become one of the most talked-about halftime shows and super bowl
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history. after a lip-synching controversy at the inauguration, her fans believe their critics -- her critics have been silenced. >> she came back after the inauguration and made it out. -- and made it back. >> the show received rave reviews. >> british scientists have made an extraordinary discovery in the most ordinary place. does this this look familiar? probably not but the skull found in central england belongs to king richard iii. the university found a skull on for a parking lot last year and scientists have just confirmed with dna tests that shows it is the former king. it is said that richard iii died
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in battle back in 1485 and was made more of them as in shakespeare's play of the same name. some scary moments in london after a man with a pair of knives that tourists outside buckingham palace. police approached the man to stop them and he pointed the knife that them and that's when the stun guns came out. police arrested him. still >> i had, jacqui
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>> students at potomac mills school have the day off today and it is not because of the super bowl and not because of bad weather. >> it turns out and 8 7 and purse krater work in the stands and if they admitted that gutted a upper the two older kids messed -- missed but a check out the video. look at that. the crowd goes wild. the gym erupted into cheers. he got an unexpected day home from school. >> are you a hero with the forecast? >> would you like a little bit of snow again? cloudy and 36 degrees at 3:00 and late this evening and
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overnight, a light dusting and temperatures
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